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$MOONCAKE 🥮 by The Moonbase
Mooncake $MOON is the first deflationary reflect token on the Binance Smart Chain.
Not only do we give constant reflect bonuses to holders, but $MOON supply constantly decreases through burns from our oven contract. This means that the number of $MOON in your wallet goes up while the total supply of $MOON goes down.
The Oven uses the $CAKE ecosystem for its burning action.
This means that we can continuously airdrop our holders WITHOUT selling tokens from the dev wallet to dump on the chart.
Most 💩coins sell tokens from the dev wallet to finance their airdrops, which will kill even the best projects.
🥮 is the first revolutionary long-term project launched by The Moonbase. Initially built from the frictionless yield structures that have been all the rage throughout Binance Smart Chain and in the entire DeFi space, The Moonbase has added augmentations that will supercharge the price floor with algorithmically guaranteed burns that are independent of transaction volume. This is a different approach than most frictionless yield tokens.
Last modified 2yr ago