Transaction Tax

Every transaction of 🥮 is subject to a 3.3% tax, which goes back to holders via reflect & the OVEN action.
Founder Reflect
Total Tax


2% of every transaction is reflected back to all Mooncake tokens. This includes tokens in the burn wallet. This means there is a 1% reflect + 1% burn effect on the circulating supply.

The Mooncake Oven

Founder Reflect

0.3% is reflected to holders of MOONTIX (max supply: 500) on a pro-rata basis.

Supply Allocation

🥮 has a max supply of 111,111,111 tokens, with the following supply allocation:
% of Max Supply
Blackhole Mechanism
Public Listing on PancakeSwap
Bug Bounties to Users and Marketing Budget
Moonbase Treasury (Development Budget)

Anti-Sniper Tax at Launch

The Mooncake token launched with an innovative anti-sniper bot tax. This was an additional 90% tax (on top of the 3.3% normal transaction tax) that lasted for the first few hours after launch. The anti-sniper tax went back into the liquidity which raised the price floor for everyone.

Deflationary Mechanisms of the Mooncake Token

🥮 has 3 primary mechanisms that deflate the supply of the token, thus guaranteeing long-term abundance for the 🥮 holders and community. This deflationary measure makes the token worth more over time as the same quantity of tokens will be worth a larger % of the Mooncake Oven TVL over time as more 🥮 is burned.

1. The Mooncake Oven

2. Blackhole Mechanism

50% of all 🥮 supply is marked for destruction in the Condemned Airlock in the Moonbase. While it is in the Condemned Airlock, that 🥮 will continue to receive reflect bonuses, which further accelerates the deflationary nature of the token. This mechanism causes the mechanic of "2% reflect to all tokens" to effectively mean "1% reflect and 1% burn to circulating supply".
At each pre-defined / community-agreed marketing milestones, the 🥮 in the Airlock will be shot out of the airlock and into the blackhole (i.e., burned), with ultimate objective of clearing the airlock entirely. There is also the flexibility of providing additional 🥮 to the PCS syrup pool if deemed necessary.

3. The Mid-Autumn Festival

Every Mid-Autumn Festival, the traditional festival in which MOONCAKE is enjoyed, 88% of all accumulated 🥞 in the Mooncake Oven will be used to buyback and burn 🥮 to celebrate this auspicious event and bestow prosperity on the 🥮 family. The buyback and burn will be spread out across a period of time and at random moments to prevent bot arbitrage.
We just completed our first Mid-Autumn Festival. The festival offered staking as a way to gain rewards from your $MOON holdings without having to race the other buyers & sellers during the burns.