How Mooncake Makes Revenue
Supercharged and Algorithmically Guaranteed Burns

The Mooncake Oven

The Mooncake Oven is an innovative cross-ecosystem revenue generation method that is 100% NEW to not only the Binance Smart Chain but also Decentralized Finance world.
The Oven ensures sustained buyback and burns, meaning that it guarantees revenue for 🥮 holders. Transactions can grind to a halt and 🥮 will still be continuously burned by the Mooncake Oven due to its constant revenue generation from staking Cake in the Syrup Pool.
🥮 holders will be continuously rewarded over time just by holding it in their wallet, not only from the frictionless rewards of more 🥮 but also in terms of its linked value to the TVL in the Oven.

How the Oven Works:

🥮 taxed by the Mooncake Oven is sent to a smart contract which automatically converts them into $CAKE (🥞) and stakes them on the PancakeSwap Cake Syrup Pool. Then, the contract uses the 🥞 harvested from the Syrup pool to buyback and burn 🥮 to remove it from circulation forever.
Because of its relationship with $CAKE, the Mooncake Oven delivers a sustained buyback and burn cycle that does not require continuous buy & sell transactions to continue burning $MOON to remove it from circulation.
Instead, the Oven relies on the Cake pool, which means it generates its power from the sustainability & demand of the PancakeSwap ecosystem.

Oven V2 is in the works and will be released soon.

The Oven V1 currently supports one staking pool to generate returns, one liquidity pool and one potential LP farm to generate extra fuel.
The objective for Oven V2 is to allow for multiple different staking pools, liquidity pools and farms. Furthermore, the Oven will have custody over all the LP tokens with the ability to farm them.